A love story.

A storied history.

A history of beauty.


There are so many marriages in this story that it is hard to know where to begin. Italian craftsmanship + Seattle innovation. Old-world functional art + contemporary digital design. Poetry + practicality. Carlo + Nancy.
The Scanagatta design sensibility has its roots high in the Dolomites of Italy, where Carlo Scanagatta was born into a long line of artisans, artists, and entrepreneurs on both sides of his family. The hum of marble saws served as the backdrop for one grandfather, a workbench for fine leather shoes the backdrop for another. Uncle Mario was a renowned abstracts painter; Nonna Allessandra grew up among the trimmings in a fine-fabric shop in Vicenza. Ingenuity, beauty, imagination, and attention to detail in Carlo’s work are the gifts he comes by honestly. The pure brilliance is his own.
Carlo is a master of layering color. Each piece, whether bright or muted, is vibrant and flattering against the skin. Hand drawn and meticulously traced in design software, Carlo’s art is then transferred onto fabric at a mill in Como, Italy, a city globally known for its quality materials and textile artisans. Their skill with jewel-tone inks and their artistry in achieving the effortless drape of these luscious soft weaves perfectly enhance the liveliness of the Scanagatta designs.
Carlo first printed his designs on photographic paper, canvas, and aluminum. Pleased with these initial products, he then turned to fine fabrics. His themes are personal and recognizably complex, reflecting the loves of his life: color and cars; fitness and gusto, and the sweetness of life. “I’d like people to view my designs,” Carlo explains, ”as narrative sketches of the cheerful half of reality.” A whole line is devoted to an evocative Pure Land motif, where idealized shapes and playful images come together in exciting, soft geometries. His wife and business partner, Nancy Medwell, is an established portrait photographer in Seattle. As a representative of Carlo’s work, she shares his enthusiasm for life; with her own gift of helping people feel and express their beauty, she is his constant inspiration.
The Scanagatta scarves are more than a statement, more than comfort, more than elegance. They are wearable intention. Meltingly soft inspirations. Each piece—a dated, limited-edition, collectible design—carries the artist’s signature in one corner, unique to that design. Display a Scanagatta scarf in your home or wrap yourself in its vibrant energy. Once you have fallen in love with one design, you’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting the next one to add to your collection.