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Radiant beauty is meant to be shared


Imagine being wrapped in a love so deep, an art so inspiring,

each day becomes an experience in feeling truly, beautifully, noticeably alive.


Crafted with love, worn with wonder


Luxurious fabrics. Intricate designs. Stunning craftsmanship.

Our limited edition wearable art scarves are the ultimate gift of relaxed, luxurious glamour—whether you’re traveling the world or reveling in the wonders of your everyday.

Designed with heart in the bustling city of Seattle, WA and handcrafted with soul in the breathtaking hills of Como, Italy, these lusciously soft weaves are for women who love art and beauty. Women who want to feel happy and celebrate the joy in their lives.

Women just like you.


Meet the Scanagatta Family.

Dolomites alps, Mountain - Val di Funes

Ours is a story that transcends both time & place.


The Scanagatta legacy begins high in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, where designer Carlo Scanagatta was born into a long line of artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. Ingenuity, beauty, imagination, and attention to detail are the gifts that he learned; the brilliance of his designs is his alone.

Love brought Carlo to Seattle, where Scanagatta Designs grew to be a family affair driven by his wife Nancy Medwell, and made real by their daughter Elena and Tessitura Alberto Albertazzi, the historic textile mill in Como, Italy where three generations of artisan Albertazzi women bring the Scanagatta designs to life in wearable, joy-filled form, one handmade piece at a time.

Ours is a legacy of love.
Welcome to the family.