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Bring Beauty into your Life



Awakening your Beauty with Nancy Medwell

Supportive Soul Sister…Guide…and Accountability Friend!

Your beautiful energy matters. Don’t postpone feeling the preciousness of life each day. Allow me to guide and accompany you towards radiant health. To become your support sister and holy listener as we open the door to a life long commitment to your health. ( sentence sounds a bit awkward)

I am here to support you in releasing all that is preventing you from living a life of contentment, balance and ease. To support you in emotional healing and overcoming limitations to spiritual expansion To invoke a sense of reverence in your day to day life.

My story? ( about Nancy doc) ? Shorter version

What can you do now to nourish yourself. One small step at a time or a deep dive. 

I meet each client where they are and each 60 minute session is personalized to meet your needs. ( Rewrite)

Below are different pillars of my offerings:

  • LOVE: We will work together to Invite divine love into your everyday life. We do this by identifying your desires, working on unresolved issues, and developing intentions, or as I like to say, prayer, around these. I will help create a prayer that is customized especially for you.

  • ENERGY: . We will decide on what steps need to occur to free your life of clutter and whatever else is holding you back. One drawer or one room at a time.

  • CONSCIOUSNESS: We will integrate daily practices to awaken your consciousness. Develop a personalized routine that might include gentle yoga, heart-based meditation and/or pranayama -breathing. If this all sounds too daunting you can begin with daily walks in nature.

      OR<I will guide you in  developing daily practices of meditation and pranayama ( breath practice) to release

    wounds that keep you stuck in unhealthy  emotional patterns affecting your physical, emotional and mental well- being.

  • NOURISH: Food truly is the medicine of life and I am here to support you on a life long path of vitality through healthy  lifestyle choices. OR ( delete)
    Food has the power to heal and transform our bodies and minds. When we remember the sacred nature of eating, food becomes like no other medicine I will help you discover and maintain a healthy relationship with what you consume. This requires courage to turn away from social norms and to be responsible for your own health and well being. I will introduce you to Ayurveda, an ancient medical health science of longevity and healing. Ayurveda is a way of understanding balance and imbalance in the body so that we can avoid the progression of disease by addressing the causes early on. ( delete)

  • BEAUTY: Beauty arises from love. Making yourself more beautiful is dependent on giving yourself more love. It satisfies you in ways that no other form of love can. When we love ourselves , a mysterious array of chemicals and emotions align, making us physically and emotionally balanced, even radiant. (delete)

    We will integrate daily beauty practices, empowering you to embrace those parts of yourself that have been rejected, or denied and bring them back into a state of love, compassion and acceptance.

 You’re ready to:

  • Show up with an open heart to let healing and transformation occur

  • Become an advocate for yourself, your desires and your future

  • Awaken each day with a sense of gratitude -to have another blessed day to give and receive love

  • Help yourself move positively forward in life

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and with others

  • Adjust your food choices to restore a sense of balance

  • Experience soulful connection and a place where you can feel more full and less depleted

  • Create a shift towards intentional growth and deep listening through establishing daily practices

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 How it Works

Step 1) Discovery Call

Let’s schedule time to get to know one another and see if we are a good match! Ideally, we can meet in person for a complimentary session.

Step 2) Book Your Package

Option 1: Five Session Package for $600.

When you commit to a package of multiple sessions, you set yourself up for success because this is an on-going process. We will meet weekly over the course of five consecutive weeks

Option 2: One-Hour Session: $125.

Step 3) Invite Divine Love/Self love into your life and Thrive!


Let’s invite beauty into your life.


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