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Born in Rovereto, Italy (1959)

1978 - Graduated from the Liceo Scientifico Antonio Rosmini, Rovereto, Italia
1985 - Completed a doctorate degree in Foreign languages and Literature at the University Of Padua, Italia
1989-1993 - After graduating from university, worked at the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige (founded in 1874), as the main librarian and translator for viticulture and agriculture.
1993 - Immigrated to the US
1993-2004 - Worked as a foreman for R. David Adams landscape firm as an arborist.
2005 - Digital art became his chosen mode of expression.



Artist Statement

I create because I am driven to do so.

For me, digital design is a skill no different than all of the other skills in life, manual or intellectual.

Because it is only one of our skills, digital design is just one little tassel which forms my personal whole. It takes discipline and time with a plan to become skillful, and it takes awe towards the outside world and new personal discoveries.

It takes persistence.

When an acquired skill becomes pure enough, it is sometimes labeled by experts as art and an individual becomes an artist. “That architect... that surgeon... that gardener is an artist!”